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  1. Intrepid 4x5 Mk 4 camera - new adventure

    16 Oct 2020

    It took me only two years to get back to large format photography. And I mean here - camera with the lens as I am continually using my incredible pinhole cameras with perspective correction (4x5 and 8x10).  After selling Sinar F2 (in 2018), which I had been using for many…

  2. Large format 8x10

    18 Jul 2020

    Writing of this post will be stretched in time - a form of a short diary.  I am starting on Saturday morning on the 11th of July, and I can’t wait until the next week to tell you what I feel today… And I am amazed. My visual perception of…

  3. Irish Management Institute

    10 Jul 2020

    The Irish Management Institute is an Irish business school located in Sandyford, the suburbs of southern Dublin. It contains offices, a library, a restaurant and teaching facilities A unique campus designed by Arthur Gibney in 1974. The same year, Arthur Gibney received the RIAI Triennial Gold Medal for the IMI…

  4. Wesley House

    03 Jul 2020

    For the first time this year, I didn't write my Saturday blog for two weeks in a row. Good to be back after this unexpected break.  The restrictions have been loosened a bit so it would seem that it will be easier to reach certain places. Not necessarily. Several areas…

  5. My cameras - part IV - instant photography

    15 May 2020

    Instant cameras - did you think I forgot about them? No, not at all I just wanted to wait a bit with this post and avoid the situation when my blog turns into a purely technical, full of camera descriptions. In addition, real experience with this technology is relatively new…

  6. Ringsend Public Library

    30 Apr 2020

    Last week, I thought it would be a good idea to photograph an interesting building from my favourite period (or around that time), which in architecture was called modern movement. It is supposed to be something that I haven’t photographed yet, or I didn’t pay much attention to. Not an…

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