Irish Management Institute

The Irish Management Institute is an Irish business school located in Sandyford, the suburbs of southern Dublin. It contains offices, a library, a restaurant and teaching facilities.

A unique campus designed by Arthur Gibney in 1974. The same year, Arthur Gibney received the RIAI Triennial Gold Medal for the IMI building.

I visited it recently twice - two weeks ago, and then about a week later again, hoping for better weather.

I have to admit that it was a special time.

Being in such a place has almost therapeutic meaning for me.

On the other hand, I felt like a child in a large toy store. I wanted to go around and back. Looking at every corner through the camera’s viewfinder I was discovering new spaces framing scene by scene… And I wanted it to last forever.

Not every building that I photograph evokes such emotions in me. It is difficult to explain because, in fact, I photograph only buildings that I like and those that are significant to me due to their history or visual aspect. There was, however, something else in this case. I felt similarly when I was photographing, for example, the Berkeley Library, Liberty Hall, the churches designed by Andy Devane or his AIB Bankcetre in Ballsbridge.

An addictive feeling of symbiosis with the photographed object.

At least that’s how it works for me …

IMI It is a simple structure, but such simplicity makes it rich in form and provides an incredible visual experience. I know, it may sound contradictory …

The sculpture created to be admired from the inside-out. 

I the end, usual technicalities… Above photographs were made using Rolleiflex T (with a yellow filter on the lens) and incredible Ilford Otrho 80 Plus. I mentioned it many times, but I will do it again - I love this film :)

Only the last one I made with Holga and Ilford Delta 400. My second film of choice. 

Thank you 

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