St. Patrick’s Campus, DCU by Andy Devane - part 2

St Patrick’s Campus (DCU) is unique on so many levels. Architecture and its scale are very human-friendly. Also, everything is kept in beautiful condition. Well done to anyone who is responsible for that. 

In this photo presentation, we are moving to students’ residences, just beside office buildings which you can see in the previous post.
I had a full day to photograph the campus. It allowed me to walk around it along with the sun and photograph the building from various angles, despite the strong sunlight. Excellent details and a lot of greenery around.

Here is some technical information which I missed last time. All square photographs were made with a Rolleiflex T camera with a yellow filter on it from time to time and 3 types of films: Rollei Retro 400s @800, Ilford Delta 400@800 and Rollei RPX 25. The Chapel which I will present soon in the next post was photographed in a slightly different way.

Thank you!

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