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  1. St. Patrick’s Campus, DCU by Andy Devane - part 3

    2022-07-20 16:12:07 UTC

    This is the third and final blog entry presenting photographs of St Patrick’s Campus, DCU.  Our Lady Seat of Wisdom Chapel, designed in 1964 - probably the most recognisable building in the area. Beautiful floating structure with stunning details and impressive stained glass windows.  I highly recommend checking ‘More than…

  2. St. Patrick’s Campus, DCU by Andy Devane - part 2

    2022-07-15 17:13:35 UTC

    St Patrick’s Campus (DCU) is unique on so many levels. Architecture and its scale are very human-friendly. Also, everything is kept in beautiful condition. Well done to anyone who is responsible for that.  In this photo presentation, we are moving to students’ residences, just beside office buildings which you can…

  3. St. Patrick’s Campus, DCU by Andy Devane - part 1

    2022-07-13 18:48:30 UTC

    After a really busy few weeks, I am slowly getting back online (at least for now) presenting some photographs I was working on lately for both - my commercial and also a personal portfolio.  I will start here with my personal collection, with photographs that complement the cycle of works…

  4. Inchicore Vocational School - stairs

    2020-05-22 17:38:30 UTC

    I have been photographing Dublin and its architecture for over a decade, but I have to admit that there are still many places that I need to discover and explore. It is a wonderful process that takes place in stages. Some time must pass between them. Often quite long Reading…

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