Inchicore Vocational School - stairs

I have been photographing Dublin and its architecture for over a decade, but I have to admit that there are still many places that I need to discover and explore. It is a wonderful process that takes place in stages. Some time must pass between them. Often quite long.
Reading books, articles and research online or just personal experience creates situations that cause a photo session.
On the other hand, sometimes a small suggestion can be a significant trigger pushing me towards one building or another, which later turns out to be important for the entire architecture’s timeline. And for some strange reason, I skipped it researching first.
That’s what exactly happened this time.
Thank you, Steven, for the tip! 

Inchicore Vocational School (1953-58) designed by Andy Devane

Now College of Further Education, Inchicore. 

I intended to photograph this building with the Inchicore Public Library, which is almost next to it. My schedule and lighting conditions that day made me postpone it a bit - just a few days. 

Over a week ago, before 7 am, I hopped on a bike and headed towards Inchicore. A beautiful sunny day and empty streets  - a very unusual experience, but these are not ordinary times. 

The whole complex is, of course currently closed, but a specific part of the building that I wanted to focus on is adjacent to the street. Perfect. 

Stairs - design based on the house by Frank Lloyd WrightFalling Water’ - a definite resemblance, especially if almost everyone knows this classic building and at least once heard about its author. 

Andy Devane, who was a student of Frank Lloyd Wright in the late 1940s, was a great admirer of his work. In the entire building, one can see the strong influences of Wright’s designs. Strong horizontals, roofs with shallow pitches, almost hidden entrance are just a few of them. 

Is it another place worth to revisit when it is reopened? Looks like it.

At the end a list of buildings designed by Andy Devane I photographed in the past along with links to blog posts:

- Saint Fintan’s Church

- Our Lady Queen of Heaven Church at the Airport

- AiB Bankcentre

Thank you!

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