Dublin suburb libraries

Photographing Ringsend Public Library, helped me to realise how very interesting these small beautiful buildings are. Following the same path, I visited the remaining three I mentioned in the post last week. 

Updated restrictionists allowed me to move around Dublin a bit further at last, and I decided to use this opportunity to focus on what I promised: Drumcondra, Inchicore, and Phibsborough public libraries. 

I was quite fortunate with the weather - beautiful sun, blue sky and of course lots of light. I couldn’t ask for more. 

Ringsend branch which I photographed as first wasn’t the first designed and built. Its architect, Robert S. Lawrie, started with Phibsborough branch in 1934. 

Four years later, in 1937, the other three were built.

Drumcondra Library with its unique location - Quiet street, just across picturesque Griffith Park.

And Inchicore Library… the last one I photographed.

You can get back to post with photographs of the fourth library, Ringsend branch, HERE.

Traditionally some tech info in the end.

I was using almost the same setup as in the case of Ringsend Library - Fuji GS645W + Ilford Delta 400 Pro + red filter. Just added Rolleiflex T also with Delta 400 and red filter while photographing the rest of them.

Thank you  

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