Ringsend Public Library

Last week, I thought it would be a good idea to photograph an interesting building from my favourite period (or around that time), which in architecture was called modern movement. It is supposed to be something that I haven’t photographed yet, or I didn’t pay much attention to. Not an easy task as everything should be done, of course, within the 2 km distance allowed these days and I photographed a lot such structures over the last decade. So obviously there is not much left.
However, a couple of bike trips in beautiful weather we have recently proved me wrong.

I found it almost at my doorstep. 

Ringsend Public Library - one of four public libraries built in the suburbs of Dublin in 1937 by the Dublin Corporation.
A very simple building combining elements of classicism and modern movement, designed by the Scottish architect Robert S. Lawrie. 

Now I’m going to photograph the other three libraries after lifting restrictions. I will also come back to this little gem and try to take some photos of the interior. It sounds like a good plan, even if it doesn’t happen too soon. 

In the end, some info I am forgetting about from time to time and some of you would like to know …

All photographs were made using Fuji GS645w, Ilford delta 400 pro film, and a red filter. 

Thank you! 

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