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  1. St. Patrick’s Campus, DCU by Andy Devane - part 1

    2022-07-13 18:48:30 UTC

    After a really busy few weeks, I am slowly getting back online (at least for now) presenting some photographs I was working on lately for both - my commercial and also a personal portfolio.  I will start here with my personal collection, with photographs that complement the cycle of works…

  2. Star of the Sea Church in Desertegney

    2022-05-19 22:29:58 UTC

    I am slowly approaching the end of my ‘pilgrimage’ and thus the presentation of its fruits - photography.  There are two more churches to visit - in my humble opinion the most interesting of the five I have seen this short rainy weekend. These also, belong to a small group…

  3. St. Peter’s Church in Milford

    2022-05-10 16:11:42 UTC

    It started to rain again when I was still in front of Donoughmore Presbyterian Church in Liscooley. I quickly run to the car and slowly moved towards Milford - My next location.  After about 45 minutes I noticed a characteristic hexagonal tower emerging from between the buildings. It was St…

  4. Enchanted by the light

    2021-04-18 10:18:00 UTC

    I have been walking the streets of Dublin photographing architecture for well over a decade. I was not aware that there is still something that could surprise me. Especially when it comes to places that I visit regularly. However, all you need is the right light and the familiar space…

  5. Inchicore Vocational School - stairs

    2020-05-22 17:38:30 UTC

    I have been photographing Dublin and its architecture for over a decade, but I have to admit that there are still many places that I need to discover and explore. It is a wonderful process that takes place in stages. Some time must pass between them. Often quite long Reading…

  6. Dublin suburb libraries

    2020-05-09 09:00:00 UTC

    Photographing Ringsend Public Library, helped me to realise how very interesting these small beautiful buildings are. Following the same path, I visited the remaining three I mentioned in the post last week.  Updated restrictionists allowed me to move around Dublin a bit further at last, and I decided to use…

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