Enchanted by the light

I have been walking the streets of Dublin photographing architecture for well over a decade. I was not aware that there is still something that could surprise me. Especially when it comes to places that I visit regularly. However, all you need is the right light and the familiar space takes on a new dimension.
The weather in Dublin and all of Ireland is very changeable. Often the illumination changes within a few minutes, which makes photographing with the available light a real challenge. Especially when it comes to architecture. A week ago, I once again walked past the Agriculture House on Kildare Street, which I know very well. Designed by Stephenson Gibney & Associates it was completed in 1974 (with modifications to the reception area in 1994 by Shay Cleary Architects). 

I was already photographing it in the past. This time, however, I came across a moment when the light beautifully illuminated the elevation along the street. The rays of the sun against the almost cloudless blue sky, sliding on the corner of the building at the junction of Kildare street and Stephens Green, gave the tall columns a new expression. The beautifully lit structure of the Agriculture House, enhanced texture on the facades and shadows made me stop at this building for a little longer once again. 

Finally, a few words about the equipment and films used (for those interested).
All photos were made with a Rolleiflex T. Initially, I took a few shots on a Rollei Retro 400s film using the red filter. However, I returned the next day with the Ilford Otrho 80 Plus, which works great where there is a lot of shade and you need to extract details from it. This time, I put on the yellow filter.

Thank you!

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