St. Peter’s Church in Milford

It started to rain again when I was still in front of Donoughmore Presbyterian Church in Liscooley. I quickly run to the car and slowly moved towards Milford - My next location. 

After about 45 minutes I noticed a characteristic hexagonal tower emerging from between the buildings. It was St Peter’s Church. The oldest one of Liam McCormick’s The Seven.

The parking in the front of the church was full. It turned out that I had just arrived at the end of some ceremony, so I had to wait a while.
I wanted to have an empty church in order to fully experience its beautiful interior and see all the details. The church was commissioned in 1955 and completed in 1961. It also received a Triennial Gold medal award commendation from the RIAI. Beautiful structure with large stained glass. 

It was getting darker now so I decided to head towards B&B and get some rest. The forecast for the next day was very optimistic. I was really looking forward to it.
Before 5 pm I reached Inch Island where I was staying that night. Beautiful, quiet place, full of greenery.
Soon the rain stopped. Wonderful. The sun came out…so there was no question about what was next. A walk in nature. No better way to get a rest.
I had already a busy schedule for Sunday so a long walk and a bit of fresh air were all I needed. 

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