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  1. St. Aengus’ Church in Burt

    24 May 2022

    My journey came to an end so this is the last post regarding Liam McCormick and his Donegal Churches. I left a space and the final presentation for probably the most recognisable building out of all seven. St Aengus’ Church in Burt, 1964-67   4x5 Pinhole camera with Ilford FP4+ exposed…

  2. Star of the Sea Church in Desertegney

    19 May 2022

    I am slowly approaching the end of my ‘pilgrimage’ and thus the presentation of its fruits - photography.  There are two more churches to visit - in my humble opinion the most interesting of the five I have seen this short rainy weekend. These also, belong to a small group…

  3. St. Patrick’s Church in Murlog

    14 May 2022

    My journey continues. Fortunately, it has stopped raining. It’s still cloudy, but the day looks good My next stop is Murlog and McCormick’s second oldest church after Milford. Built between 1962-64 and altered in 1994, truly large scale, built on a polygonal cruciform plan St. Patrick’s Church.  Impressive structure as…

  4. St. Peter’s Church in Milford

    10 May 2022

    It started to rain again when I was still in front of Donoughmore Presbyterian Church in Liscooley. I quickly run to the car and slowly moved towards Milford - My next location.  After about 45 minutes I noticed a characteristic hexagonal tower emerging from between the buildings. It was St…

  5. Return to Liam McCormick’s Churches

    08 May 2022

    Two years ago I had a chance to see some of Liam McCormick’s work for the first time. Two out of seven Donegal Churches It was St Conal’s Church in Glenties and St Michael’s Church in Creeslough. Here is the link to the blog post I wrote back then: ‘Liam…

  6. Liam McCormick and sacral architecture

    23 Aug 2020

    I just spent a week in Donegal, the most incredible part of Ireland. Every year I try to spend some time travelling around the country and I am always amazed at how beautiful it is. The landscape here is unreal.  But Ireland is not just a landscape. It’s also beautiful…

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