St. Aengus’ Church in Burt

My journey came to an end so this is the last post regarding Liam McCormick and his Donegal Churches. I left a space and the final presentation for probably the most recognisable building out of all seven. St Aengus’ Church in Burt, 1964-67.

 Its circular shape refers to the circle of life. Also, its form was inspired by the nearby medieval Grain of Aileach (National Monument). 

 This timeless church was the winner of the RIAI Triennial Gold Medal (1965-67) and also awarded ‘Building off the Century’ by a national poll, conducted by RIAI and ‘The Sunday Tribune’ (1999).

St Aengus in Burt, Star of the Sea Church in Desertegney (presented a few days ago) and St Michale’s Church in Creeslough are probably my favourites out of all Seven. Whenever you are in the area I truly recommend visiting these unique churches. It’s a Feast for the eye! Each of them!

In the end, once again list of all seven churches along with links to blog posts and photographs which come with it:

- St Peter’s Church, Milford (1961) 

- St Patrick’s Church, Murlog (1964) 

- Star of the Sea Church, Desertegney (1964) 

- St Aengus’ Church, Burt(1967) 

- St Michael’s Church, Creeslough (1971) 

- St Conal’s Church, Glenties (1974)

- Donoughmore Presbyterian church, Liscooley (1977) 

Thank you!

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