St. Patrick’s Campus, DCU by Andy Devane - part 1

After a really busy few weeks, I am slowly getting back online (at least for now) presenting some photographs I was working on lately for both - my commercial and also a personal portfolio. 

I will start here with my personal collection, with photographs that complement the cycle of works on a prominent architect whose work is truly significant in the history of Irish architecture.
Andrew Devane and his St Patrick’s Training College for teachers, Drumcondra, Dublin. 

The campus was officially opened in May 1967 and since 2016 is part of the Dublin City University. After photographing Devane’s beautiful AiB Bank centre (unfortunately destroyed), Irish Life Centre, incredible churches at Dublin Airport and Sutton and a few other smaller buildings over the years, St Patrick’s campus was like a missing piece in the entire set. 

Until now.

Here I would like to thank DCU President, Mr Daire Keogh who made it possible and also for his time to show me the entire campus. 

I decided to divide this photo presentation into 3 parts. I have so many photographs of this magnificent place I would like to share with you that mixing them all wouldn’t make much sense. 

So this entry is dedicated to the office buildings and its surrounding. 

Next, I will go through students’ residences and finally the most recognisable one - Our Lady, Seat of Wisdom Chapel.

Thank you!

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