Maybe it’s just nostalgia…

Travelling around Ireland makes me more and more aware of how important it is to preserve historical values. Whether it is architecture, landscape or anything else related to our surroundings and culture. I am pointing Ireland here as this is my home for almost two decades now and I do respect its past. This is however a common problem that affects most of the countries. Some of them, on an even bigger scale. It is devastating when I see disappearing single buildings or entire quarters which creates the character of a place. The landscape is drastically changing, theoretically to modernize everything around. In fact, the real character of the place is being damaged and forgotten. Soon there will be no sense to travel as everything around will look the same… Is it worth it? For a few years now, I am trying to make a record of more or less remote places in different parts of the island (That besides Dublin which I am documenting for more than a decade now).
Sometimes it’s enough to drive not even an hour to find a treasure. 

Let’s keep it. Let’s not let it disappear. 

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