Just Portraits of Buildings.

Two years after creating the short series ‘Waiting for Dawn’, I returned to the idea of working with building models, which was its essence. 

‘Portraits of buildings’ - For a long time I was wondering how to run this project and what materials to use so that this time I could work freely on it, without any restrictions (hopefully). While doing tests with, among others, foamboard and cardboard, I came to the conclusion that it must be something simpler, and easier to create the right form. Something that will allow me to focus on the idea and the photographs themselves, not on creating models as such. The choice fell on the well-known, best-ever ‘building material’ from childhood - Lego bricks. Nothing is so easy to use and at the same time, nothing allows you to let your imagination run wild like good old Lego

Fortunately, I have a lot of it thanks to my children who loved Lego and managed to collect a large stock of bricks over the years.

I got to work - a few moments to build simple objects, and shapes then play with light and form. Simplicity above all. I must admit that some buildings were created under the influence of the music I was listening to at the time (Blade Runner 2049 soundtrack, etc) and of course, my usual concrete fascinations.

‘Portraits of buildings’ are undoubtedly a continuation, in a sense, of the aforementioned project ‘Waiting for Dawn’. However, references are to aesthetics or form only. The idea from the previous series has a different background/source and is closed.

‘Portraits of buildings’ will develop slowly. I do not set a specific time frame for the end of this series. I’ll just enjoy it.

As with the previous project, I used the same equipment: 

- Large format camera Intrepid (4x5) 

- 6x7 Horseman roll film back 

- Fujinon 180/5.6 lens 

- Ilford Ortho 80 Plus film

Please check my social media from time to time. New photographs will be always there first. It will also appear on my website at some point.

Thank you

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