New toy…

A few weeks ago I got a bag full of 35 mm films from a friend of mine (thank you, Aga). I knew I would have to go back to this format. It was only a matter of time. The only question is, for how long this time? 

In my blog post ’My cameras - Part I - 35 mm’ I mentioned a few possible camera options as a starting point. None of them has become a reality. Instead, I decided to be more practical.
I already have several M42 mount lenses that I use with digital equipment via adapters, so a camera with such mount would be a reasonable option. Everything pointed to one of the Pentax Spotmatics. However, another coincidence, a friend’s suggestion and the resulting opportunity (Thanks Rafal) made that I bought something completely different - fully mechanical Pentax SV with Super-Takumar 55mm 1.8 and a light meter mounted on it as an accessory.

When I first had it in my hand, I saw a beautiful camera with something strange on top.

First, I removed the light meter, and the camera began to look much better. Relatively small, light, comfortable to use with a very smoothly operating shutter cocking lever. Focusing is a bit uncomfortable. I wear glasses, so probably everything with focusing at eye level will become a challenge for me. 

When working with a digital camera, I use an iPad or mobile phone connected to it, and sometimes a camera screen with live view. All of it ensures greater comfort of work and helps to see even the smallest details that need to be changed in the frame when composing the image. It works very well, of course, for the type of photography I do.

Anyway, I managed somehow. After processing the first roll of film, most phographs were perfectly sharp. So far, so good. 

The Super-Takumar is a very sharp lens and renders images nicely.

It has a useful function - the aperture control switch (A / M) - which allows me to change the aperture continually (in manual mode M) or to lock the aperture diaphragm fully open until the shutter is released (in automatic mode A). It makes focusing easier due to the amount of light that passes through the lens before releasing the shutter. 

After the first roll of film, I also realized that the light meter must return to the top of the camera. Ah, well - it’s not always about the look of the camera ;)
This small thing is handy and makes the whole shooting experience more friendly. Walking with such a small camera, using an external, manual light meter does not make much sense.
The only thing I had to replace was the battery - readily available online. It works like a charm. 

Another good thing is the filter size - 49 mm. It’s the same as in my Fuji GS645w, so the most needed two filters were already here before the camera appeared.

I loaded the second roll of film to photograph the Carroll’s Building . It was a beautiful Kodak Double X 5222 that I got from my friend Jim (thank you!).
It looks like there was a lot of good vibrations pushing me towards 35 mm ;) 

The next was color films. The bag is full of them. They will have to wait for the moment when all stores (and laboratories) return to operation after lockdown. Alternatively, at some point, I can go back to home processing C41. This time manually ;) however, I doubt it. 

Thank you!

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