Carroll’s building

A simple, very elegant multi-story structure on columns with recessed ground floor and mezzanine shines over the Grand Canal for almost 60 years.

Designed by Robinson Keefe Devane (1962-1964) for PJ Carroll cigarette company as their headquarters and packaging facility was used later as the headquarters of the Irish Nationwide Building Society and then by Irish Bank Resolution Corporation.
Now building remains empty awaiting its further redevelopment. 

I pass this place many times. For a few years, at least four times a day.
I had many opportunities to make photographs. Still, I didn’t find the chance to stay there longer and focus on the details. As usual, there were more important things to do. Photographing this building, however, was always at the back of my mind. Finally, when I decided to do it, it was too late. Precisely as in the case of Church of Annunciation in Finglas I described in blog two weeks ago. It would be nice to change priorities, but it’s not easy and not always doable considering daily duties.
Yes, sometimes, I feel like I am repeating myself. 

I start with the photographs I made recently. Then, the last two, I created a bit earlier. As usual, you can click each of them to see it enlarged a bit. 

Thank you!

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