In Memoriam…

This text was supposed to be about something else. Due to unexpected circumstances, however, I decided to change the subject. 

Paul Koralek, cofounder of renowned architectural practice Ahrends, Burton, Koralek Architects (ABK Architects), passed away a few days ago. 

I had a chance to meet him while working at ABK and later during his lectures here in Dublin. Very talented and genuine designer.

That is why I wanted to present here several photographs of Paul’s first project - Berkeley Library (1967),  a unique building which can be considered sculpture, designed, taking into account the smallest details. It is one of the most notable examples of the modern movement in architecture in Ireland. 

Berkeley Library was the first structure I wanted to explore, the first structure which helped me to evolve as an architectural photographer, changed my way of thinking about composition and texture of photographed materials.
Berkeley also opens my series ’Unfulfielf dreams’ which I started to work on in 2011. 

Berkeley Library celebrated its 50th birthday three years ago. Have a look please at this short video at the end of today’s post. Thank you!

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