Texaco House

The weather is fantastic these days, so I’m trying to take advantage of it. Not only by cycling to my new favourite swimming spot but also by photographing Dublin and its architecture more often than usual.
In such illumination and through a red filter, everything looks simply wonderful. With intense sunlight, I can show more clearly the unique form and outline of each building.
This week I am presenting a few photographs of the truly beautiful Texaco House, designed by Noel Murphy and David Keane and Partners (Later KMD architecture), and built in 1972.

Large junction on Pembroke Road it’s an excellent location for such a building. It helps to highlight its beautiful, clean form.
Distanced glazed wall gives nice contrast for sharp precast structure/frame, which is similar a bit to John Johansen’s American Embassy (1964), built not far away. In the case of the embassy, however, glazing fills the frame.
Texaco House unique structure makes everything very light and fragile visually.

It was initially the Irish headquarters for the oil company. Then car showroom and recently it is being used again as an office building but this time for Jones Engineering, engineering contractors.

It would be great if more buildings from this period were renovated and adapted to new needs instead of demolition.
Wishful thinking …

In the end, just as a reminder - It’s not the first David Keane’s design in my photography collection. A few months ago, I visited The Church of the Annunciation in Finglas. You can have a look once again at photographs and read a few words about it in this blog post - please click HERE. Also, Phibsborough Shopping Centre photographed in 2017. Please click HERE

Some technical info: all photographs were made with Fuji GS645W + Ilford Delta 400 + red filter.

 Thank you! 

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