Paradise found

The older I get, the more I am tired of living in the city. I am looking more and more for isolation, peace and space.
Having lived in Ireland for almost two decades, I never had the time to fully experience the beauty of this little island. That changed a few years ago when I (with my family) decided to spend almost every year a week or two travelling along the coast. It has quickly become our favourite vacation destination. I have never experienced such peace before. 

No flights, no busy airports, no crowded and noisy hotels and restaurants. So what instead? 

A small, secluded cottage in the middle of nowhere, often without mobile coverage. Very quiet evenings with a glass of wine or whiskey. The nights, quiet and as black as it gets. Equally calm and beautiful mornings with a cup of freshly brewed coffee in your hands and a head full of ideas for the day. You only hear local animals and the sound of the ocean.
No one but us around. Only sheep or rabbits passing by. 

We all have different needs, but for me, it’s a dream come true … It has also become something that I look forward to every year. 

I simply found paradise almost at my doorsteps. Some time had to pass, and my approach to things around me had to change for me to see and understand it. 

We travel a lot while in such areas, trying to see and experience as much as possible with a short break for a swim in the ocean every now and then ;) Our addiction. Especially if there are many amazing beaches around. Some big, some hidden and very small. 

Connemara, Donegal, West Cork, Kerry top mention just a few… once you get there you just want to stay … 


This year, we spent over a week in West Cork and Kerry, walking the hills and woods, swimming in the ocean, enjoying amazing views, eating the tastiest fish in the world and driving the craziest winding roads imaginable. The photographs* won’t tell you everything, but at least they will stimulate your imagination… I hope.

* Please click each photo to see in enlarged (at least horizontal ones)

Dursey Island - an incredibly beautiful place accessible by wooden cable car. Another experience.

There are only five native islanders living there according to online research. 

Pulleen Harbor - about a 20-minute walk from our cottage through the fields. We got there straight after arrival. Such a unique place.

Valentia Island - The Lighthouse, beautiful cliffs, Tetrapod trackpad, Old Slate Quarry…to mention just a few things to do over there.

Inch Beach - probably the only really busy place we visited during our stay… and we did it a few times ;) The reason was simple - Incredible view and amazing waves. Great fun for kids and also for their parents ;)  

Kerry Cliffs - spectacular scenery, especially just before the sunset. Something definitely not to miss when you are in the area.


These are just a few images from the whole bunch I will show in the coming days/weeks. It will be all on my social media:

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I already started last night with one of my favourite photographs I made on Dursey Island.


Now it’s the time for some technicalities for those who care about it - I know there is a strong group around, which is great.

All the above images were made with Rollei 35 TE, a lovely little camera which unfortunately will need some service very soon. It developed some issues (winding mechanism problem for example) during the trip which was most likely caused by the dropped backpack with a camera inside. On some photographs will be visible also gentle light leaks like on the one above from Inch Beach. I suppose it was the same reason.

Everything was recorded on Rollei Retro 400 s film - my choice for 35mm and recently also 120 when talking about fast films.

I managed to snap a few frames with my Holga 120 GN and Ilford Delta 400 Pro in it. I will try to process these negatives soon.

For now, mentioned Rollei Retro (4 rolls) is ready for presentation.

Thank you!

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