In the meantime…

It is the third time I have to change the topic of the blog post suddenly within the last couple of months. It also probably not the last one. 

This blog is dedicated to everything related to photography (and architecture) and will remain as such. From time to time, however, I will share here my opinion about other subject matters as well. Don’t worry ;) No politics - just life-related topics. 

Now and then each of us is getting into an unexpected, sometimes tricky situation. Making the right decision in such a moment is a crucial element. Quite often, it is not easy but necessary. 

About two weeks, all of us ended up on the same boat. Strange times most of us would like to forget about in the future entirely but we won’t. The impact it will make on our lives will be too significant. We are still at the beginning of all disruption. At the same time, the end of it is drawing away and it will as long as people will ignore it. 

Panic itself is bad, but ignorance is much worse. It’s terrifying and dangerous. It will get only worse as long as people won’t change their approach. 

Let’s be serious. Let’s be responsible. Let’s take care of each other.

Once we all start to act as we should (from the very beginning), it will be all over with no time. After all, it will be an important lesson for us as human beings. 

Going back to photography - I had to revise everything for the next couple of months (as for now). Plans of photographing places and buildings outside Dublin had to be cancelled for now.  Also, most of commercial assignments are postponed or cancelled for now. Luckily I still have negatives to process and a few brief ideas for blog posts. It will also be the right time to think about future projects. Besides that lots of books and music. Next week I will get back to cameras topic unless something new will pop out all of a sudden ;) Will try to prepare the 3rd part of ‘My cameras’ series. This time about large format. 

Stay safe!

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