After a few weeks of thinking about it, I decided to continue blogging within my website instead of I was using for the last 10 years now. 

No, I am not deleting my old blog. It is still there and will remain but time has come for some changes. (link to old blog)

I also have the intention to be more frequent with my posts. Is it all a good idea? 

The time will show. 

I was considering for a while to go into video area and start to use youtube instead but at the end, it is so not me. I am always beside camera and will remain as such. At least for now. Besides that, I prefer writing which allows me to express my thought more freely.

It is a part of big changes (for me) I decided to introduce in the last couple of months… new website, a new software package which I already started to use for my commercial work, now a new blog and even new invoicing system ;) 

Sometimes starting from fresh gives an extra energy resulting in a better outcome. 

Thank you and I hope you will be visiting this space from time to time.

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