Art Deco church in Drumcondra

Griffith Avenue is one of the most beautiful streets in central Dublin. The majestic trees along the road on both sides give this place an incredible charm.

Green in the summer, exploding with colours in Autumn.

Among these trees and the surrounding low-rise buildings, there is a magnificent architectural object - Corpus Christ Church.

I tried to photograph this unique building on a few occasions. The time has finally come.

It was designed by John J. Robinson of Robinson & Keefe Architects and completed in 1941. 

On my first visit, I made only one photograph while testing the Intrepid camera described in the previous post.

The return was inevitable. Two subsequent visits over the following two weeks and a small series of photographs were ready. It includes images of the impressive interior.

The light at this time of the year is perhaps the finest possible. I’ve always liked the fall. It gives another dimension to photographed structures. 

Some technicalities as usual.

I was using here:

- Intrepid 4x5 Mk4 large format camera with Fujinon 90mm f8 lens and Ilford Ortho  

   Plus 80 4x5 film

- Karlos 4x5 Pinhole camera with perspective correction (the equivalent of 65mm) and  

   Ilford Ortho Plus 80 4x5 film

- Karlos 8x10 pinhole camera with perspective correction (also equivalent of 65mm) 

   and paper negative (Ilford Multigrade RC IV)

Thank you!

Using Format