I begin each day with a cup of coffee. It's time to focus, clear my mind and get ready for the day. It is simultaniously a wonderful way to relax and to lose touch with reality for a while, time to slow down and recharge... time for coffee flavour.

'Coffee Flavour' can be easily considered as a series of my self-portraits... metaphorically speaking.

PLEANE NOTE: 'Coffee Flavour' photo album is now available at amazon. Please have a look at 'PRINTS/BOOK' in ABOUT section.


2014- feature in 'Photographs magazine' /Ireland/

2014 - project published a a photo album

2012 - feature in 'Actual Colours May Vary' /Germany/

2011 - feature in 'Le Journal de la Photographie' /France/

2011 - exhibition in Ranelagh Arts Centre Gallery, Dublin 


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